Chilly ‘Alisar’ Chanda


Chilly attended his very first salsa class in 2003, when he helped a friend set up the first salsa school in Zambia. He didn’t dance salsa again until 2008. From January 2009, he started to take Salsa seriously, and was already teaching by the end of that year. He started to DJ in 2011, and went to his first salsa congress in 2012.

Chilly used to dance hip hop when he was younger, but stopped closed to a decade ago and then he fell in love with Salsa.

In his close to 6 years in dance and as a member of All Out Salsa, he helps organise the Cape Town Salsa Festival. He is also the writer of the longest running salsa blog in SA ( , which he started in 2011. As part of the performance group, ‘South African Salseros’, he has performed at congresses in South Africa, Croatia and Germany.

In January, 2013 Chilly founded Alisar Dance Company. Known for his smooth style on the dance floor, and interesting range of moves, Chilly is all about pushing himself to improve and grow in his dancing. He believes that there is always something more to learn no matter how long you’ve been dancing.