Founded in January 2013, Alisar Dance Company gets its name from the Spanish word for ‘smooth’ . We aim to create and teach a smooth style of dancing for the Latin street style social dances of Salsa and Bachata. While our focus has a strong Salsa component offering private classes, our main goal is to raise the level of Bachata in South Africa. All our social group classes, courses and performance courses and are dedicated to this.

For those wishing to improve their salsa or bachata dancing, we also offer normal private classes and a unique style of intensive “bootcamp” private classes. This bootcamp style has been uniquely developed by Chilly, based on information and experience gained from world-renowned international salsa instructors. With people flying from different cities and even countries to attend his bootcamps, they are known for their fast and guaranteed rate of improvement.

Our motto: Knowledge, Confidence then Creativity. This is the guaranteed way to improve your dancing.